​​​Individualized Tutoring

Our signature 1-1 program      allows tutors to become            familiar with your student’s      specific needs, building            comprehension, critical            thinking, and logical                  reasoning skills through            customized lesson plans.

Whether a child needs              academic intervention or          an advanced curriculum,          we will direct your child            towards scholastic success.      Our unique comprehensive      approach links the parent,        student, teacher, and tutor,      ensuring that goals are              being met.

Build an Education Program

Are You an Administrator or Program Director of a School or Organization?

     Maybe your school is                challenged by gaps in                student achievement?                Possibly you need to build        an education component          to complement your                  services and client needs.  

     Allow us to aid you in                realizing your school or            organization’s goals.

     Schedule a free                          consultation with one of           our advisors. Universal             achievement for students is     altogether possible if we           work together!  

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 Dear Parents, 

​      Nothing speaks to improving performance better than personal and customized attention.  Our professionals are seeking to understand the child first before suggesting a program of  corrective and practical applications.  We listen to the student creating a safe space in a non-  judgmental harmonious environment with open communication.   Children are taught how to  master the fundamentals of Reading, Writing, Math and higher order skills like Critical Thinking  and Logical Reasoning.   This builds the self-confidence and resolve in them to believe in their  own ability. 

“ If a child can't learn the way we teach,
then we should teach the way they learn.”

--Ignacio Estrada

Renee N Campbell                                                                                                                   Soyini Ma'at

Co-Founder                                                                                                                                Co-Founder

Mission Statement

To inspire children to develop their intrinsic love of learning, foster life skills and provide a world class education elevating them to academic success.

The Vision

Our vision at Bright Learning Academy involves tailoring learning to the individual child, providing mind-stimulating lessons that stress critical thinking, connecting students to the globalized world, and seeing the immense potential each child has waiting to be realized.

Core Values

Love of Learning

     To spark the  desire that            drives one’s willpower,              resulting in a work ethic            conditioning you to a                  standard of resilience.  

Life Skills​

     To prepare our students            for the daunting realities of      the real world, we relate            academic principles to the        world around them by              making concepts relevant.

World Class Education

     To instill “global                          competence” to                          expose students to the              micro and macro realities          of our connected world.